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What is the shelf life of Noni Juice?

Noni Juice has a shelf life of 2 years if not opened. Once opened it will last 6 months.

Do you use pesticides?

Absolutely not! Our plantations are all organic and we never have used any pesticides or chemicals in our soil. On our Noni farms we use multi-tons of natural organic mulch, compost, manures, micro-nutrient rich coral calcium powders and other natural soil and plant amendments. We do not use fungicides on our Noni plants.

What is the difference between Andaman Islands Noni Juice and Hawaiian Noni Juice?

There’s little difference between Noni fruit grown in Andaman Islands and Noni fruit grown in Hawaii. Of course different climates, soil and other factors are more conducive to growing healthy noni plants and fruit. Our farms are in Mithakhari, Bamboo flat, Minnie Bay, Chidiyatapu & Hut Bay region on the big Island of Andaman where the growing conditions and rich volcanic soil are ideal and our noni trees are lush and full of fruit year round.

There is however very important differences between our Andaman Islands Noni juice and many other juices regardless of which part of the world the noni is grown.

Andaman Islands Noni are 100% pure Noni juice with nothing added. Our Noni juice is made using the traditional method. Our noni fruits are handpicked at the peak of ripeness ensuring the highest nutritional value and healing properties.  

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